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Colourful Town
Pigmented concrete adds new charm to Belgian seaside resort

Knokke, 9 August 2018. Knokke-Heist is a popular seaside resort on the Belgian North Sea coast. The 12-kilometre-long dyke from Zeebrugge to Knokke attracts visitors from all over Belgium as well as tourists from neighbouring countries, especially during the summer months. Since the redesign of the Lichttorenplein, the square in front of the tourist information office, and other public places, they are duly received. Urba-Style, a company for the production of concrete solutions based in Tournai, created a new pavement made of architectual concrete alongside with other elements made from the same building material, such as the eye-catching fountain. Inspired by the colour stripe of a photographic film, the concrete was pigmented in a rainbow style using products from CATHAY INDUSTRIES. The specific use of different shades provides orientation, but also serves to reflect the vitality of the town.

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