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Hong Kong, 25th March 2018. CATHAY INDUSTRIES GROUP looks forward to presenting our CATHAYTHERMTM range of thermostable inorganic pigments at this year’s Chinaplas exhibition in Shanghai from 24th -27th April 2018.

CATHAYTHERMTM pigments are ideally suited for a wide range of high temperature applications, including plastics, fiber, masterbatch, powder coatings, high bake temperature industrial coatings, coil coatings, specialty coatings and military coatings, where high heat-fastness is required.


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Sustainable transparent iron oxide pigments
New EnvironOxide® range by CATHAY INDUSTRIES

Ninove, 14 March 2018. Hoover Color, a division of the CATHAY INDUSTRIES GROUP, has introduced a new class of transparent iron oxides. Being the result of an environmental restoration effort which involves recovering iron oxide from abandoned mine drainage, the EnvironOxide® products are the world’s first iron oxide pigments produced with such unique manufacturing process. Just like their conventional counterpart, these pigments have high purity and quality, show excellent performance and are even easier to disperse.


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CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduce CATHAYRED a new range of high performance Red Iron Oxide Pigments.

Hong Kong, 15th September 2017. Leading global iron oxide pigment manufacturer CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduces CATHAYREDTM a renewed and extended range of precipitated Red Iron Oxide Pigments specifically designed for the paint and coating industries.


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New colour shades offer new possibilities
CATHAY INDUSTRIES expands its product range of granular pigments

Ninove, 18 July 2017. Iron oxide pigment manufacturer CATHAY INDUSTRIES has been extending its portfolio of granulated pigments for the European Market. In addition to the standard range, the CATHAYGRANTM line now includes a new variety of colours for the use in construction materials.


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Thermostable Inorganic Color Pigments

Hong Kong, 25th October 2017. Leading global inorganic pigments developer and producer CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduces CATHAYTHERMTM: a dedicated range of high performance thermostable pigments specifically designed for thermoplastic and thermosetting applications.


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Hoover Color and Ecoat develop coatings formulations
CATHAY INDUSTRIES announces joint project for more environmentalism

Ninove, 27 June 2017. Hoover Color, a division of CATHAY INDUSTRIES, and Ecoat, the French developer of bio-based chemistry for the coatings industry, have started a collaborative project to develop coatings formulations on the basis of environmentally friendly raw materials. In this project Hoover Color holds responsible for the pigments side, whereas Ecoat contributes the binder products.


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Heat resistant and brilliant
CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduced new yellow iron oxides at ECS 2017

Ninove/Nuremberg, 7 April 2017. New CATHAYCOATTM pigments were the highlight at CATHAY INDUSTRIES' stand at the European Coatings Show (ECS) 2017 in Nuremberg: The manufacturer of synthetic iron oxide pigments presented its Yellows YA22HR and YS23HR offering increased heat resistance. Numerous visitors took the opportunity to keep themselves informed about these innovations and CATHAY's other latest developments.


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