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Company History

CATHAY INDUSTRIES was founded in 1979 under the name Advanced Chemicals Limited. We began as a trading firm, but in just five years we grew large enough to launch our manufacturing business. Over time we became well-known experts in iron oxide pigments and our business took off even more. In 1997 the company was renamed CATHAY PIGMENTS, and then 30 years after our start-up, we became CATHAY INDUSTRIES, adopting a name that represents our status as one of the top three iron oxides manufacturers in the world.

1979 Trading – Originated with Advanced Chemicals Ltd. (ACL)
1984 Entered into manufacturing
1997 Cathay Pigments established
1998 Expansion of global businesses through acquisitions in USA, Europe, South Africa and Australia
2002 Investment in iron oxide for coatings application – Yixing (Jiangsu, China)
2006 Acquisition of High Purity plant in Valparaiso, Indiana, USA
2008 Cathay Pigments changed its company name to CATHAY INDUSTRIES
2014 Commissioned first phase of 150kt production in Tongling (Anhui, China)
Capacity expansion of pigment finishing in Yixing (Jiangsu, China)
2015 Commissioned production of spray-dried granules in Tongling (Anhui, China)
2017 Acquisition of Hoover Color Corporation, Hiwassee, Virginia, USA