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New website of CATHAY INDUSTRIES EUROPE is launched

CATHAY INDUSTRIES EUROPE has launched its new web appearance. The site comes with a fresh and dynamic look and has been designed to express CATHAY’s commitment to the manufacturing of iron oxide pigments. The yellowish background is directly related to the key products.

With this newly launched website CATHAY INDUSTRIES EUROPE addresses to its European customers and stakeholders who appreciate a close communication on the basis of European topics. As such, the site ideally complements CATHAY INDUSTRIES GROUP´s global website and offers direct access to the sites in the other regions of the CATHAY world.

We invite our valued customers and stakeholders to visit our website regularly to be in close contact with CATHAY INDUSTRIES EUROPE and its news.

CATHAY INDUSTRIES EUROPE´s web address:       www.cathayindustries.eu

CATHAY INDUSTRIES GROUP´s web address:         www.cathayindustries.com

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