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CATHAY INDUSTRIES presented pigments and more at ChinaCoat 2013

(2013/12/02) As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of synthetic iron oxide pigments CATHAY INDUSTRIES GROUP exhibited its products at ChinaCoat, a major exhibition for the coatings industry held in Shanghai in November this year.

Again the interest for CATHAY’s pigment range was vast. CATHAYCOAT™ high chroma reds as well as low viscosity yellow grades were in the focus of the visitors at the newly designed double floor booth of the company. So-called high chroma reds allow the users to broaden the color space on the basis of light and weather stable iron oxide pigments. CATHAY’s low viscosity yellow grades bring significant process advantages in the production of pigment dispersions, allowing a higher pigment loading compared to regular grades.

CATHAY INDUSTRIES continues to work continuously to improve the production processes to become more ecological”, says the Group’s CEO Mr. Terence Yu. “As a consequence our new capacities in Tongling and Yixing will be state-of-the-art technology minimizing the environmental impact.” The capacity expansion was announced by CATHAY INDUSTRIES GROUP in February this year and in both plants the production is set to start shortly.

CATHAY INDUSTRIES GROUP considers itself one of the most innovative players in the field of iron oxide pigments. This innovative approach has led to a significant growth of the Group over the last years.


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