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Brighter than ever: High Chroma Red pigments from CATHAY INDUSTRIES offer a broader colour spectrum

Ninove, 10 July 2014. High Chroma Reds from CATHAY INDUSTRIES allow users to broaden the colour space of iron oxide pigments. With its new pigments the company offers a product range, which increases chroma, making the colour brighter. Because of their hydrophilic properties, these iron oxides are easily dispersible in water based and VOC free systems. In addition, they are characterised by low oil absorption, low viscosity as well as elevated gloss.

A higher chroma enables a broader spectrum of red colours to be created by iron oxide pigments. A wide range of reds is essential for paints and varnishes, which fulfil a decorative and protective role when used on buildings and construction elements, regardless of exterior or interior application. Manufacturers of coatings need this extended scope of reds for industrial paints applied for example to floors and walls of buildings. For such applications the High Chroma Reds from CATHAY INDUSTRIES extend the possible colour spectrum for iron oxides, providing also higher gloss to the paints.

Easy to disperse

CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ High Chroma Reds made through the Penniman process show high colour strength and are marked by their hydrophilic properties. In light of this, the pigments are highly suitable for water based and VOC free systems. Moreover, the use of the Penniman process results in soft crystals, simplifying dispersing. Users do not necessarily have to grind the material. By virtue of the pigment’s surface, the duration of the dispersal process with just High Speed Dispersers is reduced; users can increase their production capacity and save energy. In addition, low oil absorption and low viscosity support the use of the product in paint systems.

Wider colour range with cost saving potential

Compared to other iron oxides with pastel-to-medium shades, the new series of High Chroma Reds from CATHAY INDUSTRIES ensures intense colour strength and gloss. The CATHAYCOATTM Reds RA11A, RA12A and RA13A – depending on the application – also show some overlap with certain organic pigments in shades from light red to medium red, hence providing a potential cost saving.

CATHAY INDUSTRIES offers new solutions assuring brightness and good processability. The company stands for reliability in quality with global standards.

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