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CATHAY INDUSTRIES celebrates ten years of CATHAYCOAT™ Low Viscosity yellow pigments

Hong Kong, 15 January 2016. CATHAY INDUSTRIES provides yellow iron oxide pigments with extra-low viscosity characteristics, commonly called LV Grades. For ten years already, the manufacturer offers these products under the CATHAYCOAT™ brand as premium iron oxide range. Lately, the company has started promoting its High Chroma Reds, another new dimension for iron oxides.


In the sector of decorative paints and varnishes the need for iron oxide yellows is very high. For the purpose of providing colours to the final point of sale, the pigment has to be converted into a fine-milled dispersion. This procedure ensures an optimal dosing and shade development. With its CATHAYCOAT™ LV Grades, CATHAY INDUSTRIES supplies a range of products, which fulfils the requirements for this procedure in the best possible way.

Pigment content up to 65 percent

Special technology enables the company to manufacture pigments with extremely low oil absorption. This results in ideal fluidity even with a high pigment loading. So, for example, CATHAYCOAT™ Yellow YA22LV  provides a viscosity of less than 105 Krebs units during high speed dispersing with 3,000 rounds per minute. In the water based process, the pigment content can extend up to 65 percent. The common market practice is limited to a maximum pigment loading of 55 percent. Insofar, CATHAY’s invention set new market standards regarding yellow iron oxides applied in top quality coatings for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Easy to disperse properties help saving time and energy

By using high speed dispersers instead of mills in the dispersion process, users save time and energy. CATHAYCOAT™ LV Grades are designed to work well in such dispersing conditions and minimise the generation of heat and foam.

High Chroma red pigments as latest development

Ten years after taking the LV Grades to market, CATHAY is now setting once more a new market standard. The company is promoting its High Chroma red pigments opening up a new dimension for red iron oxides, also marketed under the CATHAYCOAT™ brand.


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