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CATHAY INDUSTRIES provides a full range of colors to the construction industry for asphalt, cement, tiles and other materials. Our construction grades are clustered into five series:

FERROTINTTM - basic pigment powder
FLOWTINTTM- free-flow pigment powder
CATHAYGRANTM - granular pigments for automated dosage machines
Masterbatches - pelletized pigment for asphalt coloring


FERROTINTTM is CATHAY's registered trademark for construction pigments. All FERROTINTTM pigments are made with tight specifications and, therefore, of consistently high quality, which is economical and desirable for many construction applications.


FLOWTINTTM is a range of cost-effective, specially treated free-flowing powder, which is unique to CATHAY INDUSTRIES. The products can be used in automated dosing systems and have significant advantages over traditional powders. They have low-dust, improved-flow and non-caking characteristics for optimal dosing accuracy..


CATHAYGRANTM iron oxides have been developed to be metered and dispensed through automated dosing machines and are suitable for use in systems that utilize gravity, mechanical and pneumatic conveyance methods. The CATHAYGRANTM range is highly regarded for its ease of dispersion during the end user's mixing process and for achieving outstanding levels of color development. CATHAYGRANTM products offer well-known high levels of quality, consistency and strength, properties well-appreciated in the industry.

The CATHAYGRANTM product range was recently completed with CATHAYGRANTM GS grades manufactured by a spray-dry process applying the latest state-of-the-art technology.


CATHAY INDUSTRIES' masterbatches for asphalt coloring are made with hydrocarbon wax as resin, and special dispersants. This combination ensures that the final products will have extra color strength.