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Iron oxides are CATHAY INDUSTRIES' core business. As the second largest iron oxide manufacturer in the world, CATHAY INDUSTRIES provides a wide range of iron oxide pigments from economical grades for construction applications, to high-quality CATHAYCOATTM for top coating, and the highest-purity CATHAYPURETM for cosmetics.


CATHAYPURETM is the series of high-purity iron oxide pigments with extremely low heavy metal content. CATHAYPURETM is tailor-made for high-purity applications such as medicines and food packaging. In order to respond to different purity requirements, CATHAYPURETM is differentiated into two series, "E" and "Z" grades.

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CATHAYCOATTM is CATHAY INDUSTRIES' premium range of iron oxides. It’s made for top coating and fine-quality products like paints, plastics and paper. CATHAYCOATTM can be divided into four subcategories, from the most-premium micronized "A" grades and LV grade, to standard "S" grades, and more economical "C" grades and Primer grades.

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CATHAY INDUSTRIES provides a full range of colors to the construction industry for asphalt, cement, tiles and other materials. Our construction grades are clustered into five series:

FERROTINTTM - basic pigment powder
FLOWTINTTM- free-flow pigment powder
CATHAYGRANTM - granular pigments for automated dosage machines
Masterbatches - pelletized pigment for asphalt coloring

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CATHAYMAGTM is a special range of pigments that are produced at our U.S. site dedicated to pigments with the highest purity requirements. These Magnetic Iron Oxides are offered for toners, magnetic inks, transfer ribbons, and other applications that require magnetic properties.



CATHAYREDTM: Through its high-grade expertise in the manufacturing of red iron oxide pigments, CATHAY offers a broad range of high chroma red pigments. The range of shades goes from very yellowish to bluish. It is reported that these pigments may partially replace organic pigments in certain formulations.


CATHAYTHERMTM: For applications that require an increase heat stability, CATHAY has developed a range of iron oxides with increased temperature resistance. This product range comprises yellows, reds and blacks. Typical applications are powder coating, coil coating or polyolefin masterbatches.